Small Group Training Classes at Fitness CF

Small Group Training at Gym in Mount Dora

In Alloy® small group training classes, such as Alloy® Foundations, Alloy® Afterburn, and Alloy® Industrial Strength, you’ll get the attention you need, along with the support of others who, like you, are striving to jumpstart their fitness.

Does your body need a base level of conditioning before jumping into challenging and high intensity routines? Then start your small group training at our gym in Mount Dora with Alloy Foundations.

Are you looking to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour – and keep burning up to 48-hours after class is over? Alloy Afterburn is the class for you.

For effective and efficient strength building and conditioning, check out Alloy Industrial Strength.

Call Fitness CF Mount Dora — at 352.383.4278 — for more information about small group training and class schedules. Better yet, come in and try us out with a free 3-day pass!