Rotating Climbing Wall in Orlando

Climb to New Heights in our Orlando Gym

The amazing Freedom Climber Disk at Fitness CF in Orlando in the Dr. Phillips area offers the experience of scaling a cliff face in the Mountains with it’s rotating climbing surface. Using the rotating surface you will be challenged more than traditional climbing, using every muscle of the body while building hand/eye coordination, grip and dexterity, engage your core, improve your cardiovascular health all while improving flexibility, balance and stamina. The best part? You’ll never be more than 8 feet off the ground!

This feature at our gym in Orlando is one of the most talked about fitness challenges. The Freedom climbing wall at our health club can be a great addition to your workout routine – and just another way that Fitness CF promotes a lifetime of health and wellness with a variety of options for you to enjoy.

Check in out today! Stop by our Orlando health club and try us out with a free pass.

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