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4 Muscles You Can Workout Every Day

workout every day

Just over fifty percent of American adults get enough aerobic exercise, and even fewer get the amount of muscle-focused exercise they should. So, when you’re trying to get fit, you may turn to daily exercise first.

But, what muscles can you exercise every day without causing damage or overexerting yourself?

Read on to find out about the muscle groups you can use if you want to work out every day.

1. Calve Muscles

If you’re looking to stretch your legs, start with your calve muscles. As long as you’re not feeling sore, it’s perfectly safe to continue your calve training. Calve muscles repair themselves due to their pattern so they’re much less prone to being overworked. Calves are hardy, too – you spend all day on your feet walking around, after all!

However, if you are feeling sore, it might be time to take a few rest days (at least when it comes to exercising your calves!).

Like with most exercises, it’s important to choose the best exercises for your calves. Standing calve raises are an easy exercise you can even do on your lunch break. You can also try different types of calf raises to increase or decrease the difficulty of the movement.

They also may target different areas of your calves and other muscles. Bent knee calf raises, for example help you strengthen your soleus muscle.

2. Ab Muscles

Training ab muscles is a good idea for all goals of getting fit. A strong core is important for both safety and success.

You still don’t want to overdo it, though. Mix up your exercises so that they target different ab muscle groups. For example, one day you might work on toning up your obliques.

So, if you’re just alternating between sit-ups, crunches, and pushups, it may be the right time to change up your exercise routine. 

Mountain climbers are one type of exercise you might want to try. Planking can be a pain, but it is helpful for improving your endurance and can even improve your posture. 

You can also try out a whole new exercise routine. Pilates are an excellent choice for improving your ab strength. So, you may want to consider signing up for a beginner pilates class if you haven’t tried it out before. 

3. Forearms

Arm exercise isn’t just about your biceps. You also want to make sure your forearms are nice and toned. This isn’t just for appearances, either. If you work a desk job, exercising your forearms can help you improve your typing endurance. 

It’s actually important to work out your forearms every day when you’re trying to build them up, because it’s much harder to build muscle there than on other parts of your body. So, if you’ve been spending a lot of time working on your biceps, and you want to look symmetrical, it’s time to work some forearm reps into your routine. 

Plus, having stronger forearms will make the rest of your arm workout a lot easier, since you’ll be able to hold more weight when you’re working on your curling technique. 

And, since you use light weights for forearm training, it’s unlikely to cause any damage when you work them out everyday. However, if you have previous injuries or specific health conditions, you might want to discuss your fitness plan with a medical professional just in case.

You can use different curling exercises to strengthen the muscles in your forearms. 

Or, if you’re looking for exercises that also engage other parts of your body, try out crab walking. It might feel a little silly, especially at first. But, it’s a good way to get a full body workout that targets your forearms.

When you’re new to forearm training, you may want to go into a gym and ensure that you have a spotter. This will help ensure that you don’t injure yourself. Plus, gyms offer machines so that you can experiment with different exercises like cable pulls or different types of weights.

You’ll also be able to observe other people’s technique to ensure that your positioning is optimal. And, you’ll be able to get tips and tricks to take your forearm exercise routine to the next level. 

Like with any routine, it’s important to stay consistent. If you want to build up your forearms, you really will have to exercise every day. 

4. Neck Muscles

Neck muscles are some of the most difficult to train, which is why it’s okay for you to work on them everyday. Doing regular neck exercises can help prevent or eliminate strain and pain you might be suffering from if you spend all day staring at a computer screen. It can also help improve your overall exercise routine. 

You’ll want to start out with stretches when you’re trying to build up the muscles in your neck. That way you’ll help protect yourself from injury, particularly if you are working out each and every day.

One of the best tools for building up your neck strength are resistance bands. You can start with a low level of resistance, and then get to higher levels of resistance slowly.

If you’re struggling to find the right routine for your neck muscles, a personal trainer can help you learn the right exercises to improve your muscle strength and size.

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