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How to Get the Ballerina Body

ballerina body

Have you been to the ballet? What’s not to love about all of the drama, costumes, and romance?

Even if you aren’t an avid ballet fanatic, you can probably appreciate the strength and beauty that ballet manifests in its dancers. Toned arms, muscular legs, and a tight core are ultimate fitness goals for many people.

Do you want to learn about the secret moves and tips for building a slender, strong ballerina body? 

You’ve pirouetted your way to the right place! Check out this handy guide to getting stronger, leaner, and ready to shine. 

What is a Ballerina Body?

For centuries, ballerinas have been revered for their graceful, swan-like forms. Ballet dancers train long and hard to meet the standards of dance critics everywhere. Their training results in perfect dancing form and a stunning physique. 

Today, ballet dancers can come in all shapes and sizes, but the iconic ballerina body has some distinct features. Traditionally, ballet dancers have:

  • Long, elegant arms 
  • Long, sculpted legs
  • A smooth, muscular back
  • A strong, firm core
  • Great posture

Other features of a ballerina, like short stature, high foot arches, and small head size, have more to do with genetics than fitness routines or diets. However, there are some things you can do to give yourself a more graceful, ballerina-like physique. 

Ballerina Body Workouts

Who could blame you if you want to look and feel like a ballet dancer? These dancers put a lot of work into their careers and their bodies. It can take years for a ballerina to look “perfect” and dance flawlessly, so it’s important to be patient with yourself and your body. 

Luckily, we can learn a thing or two from ballerina’s fitness routines. Ballet workouts focus on building strength, flexibility, and balance. As with any fitness program, start slowly and work your way up to the big moves. 

Now grab your Tchaikovsky, and let’s hop to it!

Begin with Ballet

What better way to transform your body than to dance like a real ballerina! Learn some basic ballet dance moves and practice them daily to increase your strength and flexibility. Familiarize yourself with the five basic foot positions and the following movement terms:

  • Plie
  • Jete
  • Degage
  • Battement
  • Pirouette

Make up your own dances or follow along with a ballet workout at home! Any form of dancing is a great way to raise your heart rate and have fun while working out, but ballet dancing allows you to embody the elegance of your dreams!

Keep Up with Cardio 

Along with their strong, lean bodies, ballerinas have powerful hearts. Your heart will need to keep up with all of your leaping and dancing, so it’s crucial to build endurance and strength with regular cardio. Plus, cardio can help you burn fat and lose weight if that’s your goal. 

You should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity per week for good health. To break it down, that’s only about 30 minutes per day, five days a week. You can do it!

Don’t be afraid to mix up your routine. Running, cycling, swimming, and Zumba are great exercises for cardio, and switching these exercises often will keep you from getting bored. 

Lean into Yoga

Graceful mind, graceful body. If you want to sculpt a ballerina body, start finding your Zen in a yoga class or practice regularly at home. Yoga improves flexibility, reduces joint pain, and connects your mind with your body. 

The mind-body connection is a critical element of the ballerina body. Dancers must be aware of themselves and their surroundings at all times on stage. Living life gracefully starts with finding the grace within yourself. 

Focus on smooth, balanced transitions between yoga poses. Take as much time as you need to find your footing before moving on to the next step. Of course, remember to sync your movements with your breathing!

Pick Up Pilates

Like dancing, Pilates is a fun, novel way to get in your daily workouts. Pilates combines the isotonic moves of dance with the isometric moves of yoga. In Pilates, you’ll often isolate one body part, such as your arms, to move while holding the rest of your body in a still, flexed position. 

Pilates is a great core workout because, for most movements, your core is engaged while another body part moves. It is also said to improve posture, decrease pain, and connect the mind and body like yoga.

For building long, lean muscles, Pilates can’t be beaten. Plus, Pilates can be super fun and challenging in a group class!

Don’t Downplay Weightlifting

Are you surprised that weightlifting could be part of a dancer body workout? Weight lifting and resistance training are powerful tools in any fitness routine, regardless of your goals for strength and physique. 

Contrary to popular belief, weightlifting won’t make you bulky unless you want it to. If anything, weightlifting will help your muscles to look sculpted and strong, just like a ballerina. 

Adding light weights to your ab workout routine will help you tone and build muscle faster. Try holding a kettlebell during mason twists or working your obliques with standing side-to-side crunches!

More Top Tiptoe Tips

Sculpting a ballerina body takes more than just a dedicated fitness regimen. Here are some more ways to hone your physique and boost your glow backstage:

  • Drink at least 16 cups of water daily
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Eat small but frequent meals
  • Prioritize protein, veggies, and fruits
  • Invest in your skincare routine 
  • Stretch throughout the day

Feeling like a ballet dancer takes more than a toned physical appearance. You must also take care of your body and your mind. Carry yourself with confidence and grace; you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Ballet dancers’ posture, physique, and elegant demeanor are truly spectacular. If you take fitness inspiration from the ballerina body, you’re not alone! Remember to take care of your body, nourish it well, and practice your moves everyday; you’re sure to see results in no time. 

Are you eager to start on your fitness journey? Ready to find the next step on your path? 

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