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What to Eat After a Workout

what to eat after a workout

Working out is an important way to keep your body and mind healthy. In fact, the CDC recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate activity to keep yourself in tip-top shape. 

With all that working out, it’s necessary to give your body the fuel it needs. Eating the right foods after you exercise can help you get the most out of your workout. It can improve your recovery time, reduce muscle soreness, and even help you build muscle.

If you aren’t sure what to eat after a workout, you’ve come to the right place. We go over the best post-workout food choices in this handy guide. 

Post-Workout Nutrition

Although you may want to eat anything in sight after a workout, not all foods are a good choice. Your body needs the right nutrients to repair muscle and replenish your energy stores.

You’ll want to eat something that contains protein. This will help your muscles recover and grow. 

It’s important to choose something to eat that is easy to digest. Eating a big, heavy meal can be hard on your stomach, and can also slow down your recovery.

You need to make sure you’re getting enough calories. When you work out, you burn a lot of stored calories. Eating afterward helps to build up those stores, and ensures that you have the energy to recover.

Best Post-Workout Ingredients 

There are a lot of different options when it comes to post-workout nutrition. You can find what works best for you through trial and error. However, there are a few foods that pack a bigger punch in your post-workout meals. 

Sweet Potato 

If you’re looking for a post-workout snack that will help you recover and refuel, reach for a sweet potato. One of the best things about sweet potatoes is that they are rich in complex carbohydrates. These vegetables are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. 


There are many benefits to eating eggs after a workout. Eggs can help you refuel and repair your muscles and are a good source of protein. They contain all the essential amino acids your body needs to recover from exercise. 

Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin D, and iron. These vitamins and minerals help to support your immune system and prevent fatigue. 

Eggs have an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce muscle soreness.

Eggs are also easy to prepare. You can customize them to your liking and cook them in many different ways. Try them in an omelette with your favorite veggies, scrambled, or poached. 


Most people are familiar with the benefits of eating an avocado. They make an especially satisfying ingredient post your workout. 

Most people know avocados for their healthy fats. Eating healthy fats after a workout can help to up your energy stores and repair damaged muscles.

Avocados also have a great punch of fiber. Fiber can help keep your blood sugars regulated and will keep you feeling full. This is important after a workout because it can help to prevent a post-workout energy crash.


Whey is another popular post-workout ingredient. There are several reasons why whey is beneficial to include in your post-workout diet.

Whey is a high-quality protein that helps with ever-important muscle repair. When you work out, your muscles get broken down. They need extra protein to help them heal and grow. 

Whey is quickly absorbed by the body, making it ideal for post-workout recovery. When you consume whey protein after a workout, it helps to replenish your energy stores. This means you’ll feel less tired and more energized after eating whey. 

This protein helps to boost your immune system. When you work out, your immune system can become suppressed. Eating whey protein supports the immune system and reduces the risk of getting sick.

Post-Workout Meal Ideas

After a hard workout, you’ll want to know you’re refueling with food that is delicious and helps your body. Here are some quick and easy ideas that will help you get the most out of your workout.

Protein Bowl 

If you’re extra hungry, a post-workout bowl is the way to go. Protein bowls are packed with all the nutrients your body needs to recover from a workout. They’re easy to customize and throw together. 

Start by lining your bowl with quinoa, brown rice, or noodles. Next, add in the protein of your choice. Grilled chicken, tofu, and salmon are all great options.

Next, add some of your favorite vegetables to the bowl. Roasted vegetables, sautéed greens, or raw vegetables all work. 

Finally, top your protein bowl with a healthy sauce or dressing. Peanut sauce, tahini sauce, or salsa are all great options.


If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, try a post-workout wrap or burrito. A post-workout burrito is an ideal way to refuel after a tough workout. 

Here’s how to make a burrito that’s packed with protein and flavor. 

Start with a high-quality protein source. Try out grilled chicken, shrimp, or steak in your burrito. Add some healthy fats, like avocado or olive oil, to the protein. 

Load up on veggies for fiber and nutrients. Diced tomatoes, onions, and peppers are excellent burrito options. 

Add a dose of carbs for energy. Brown rice or whole wheat tortillas are both delicious and work well with a burrito. 

Finally, top off your burrito with your favorite sauce or condiments. Many people enjoy hot sauce, salsa, or guacamole. 


A post-workout smoothie is a great way to refuel your body after a strenuous workout. The antioxidants and nutrients in a smoothy can help your body recover from a workout fast.  

This drink can be tailor-made to suit your specific taste preferences. Plus, it’s a delicious and refreshing way to rehydrate after a sweaty workout!

If you’re new to making smoothies, don’t worry. It’s easy to get the hang of it. 

The first step is to choose your base. You can use milk, yogurt, juice, or even water. Greek yogurt is a great way to add extra protein to your smoothie. 

Next, add your fruits and vegetables. You can use fresh or frozen ones, it’s entirely up to you. Make sure to add enough so that your smoothie is nice and thick.

For extra post-workout recovery, add some healthy fats to your smoothie. Peanut butter, avocado, or coconut oil are all great choices. You may also want to add a bit of honey or agave to sweeten the smoothie. 

Once you’ve added all your ingredients, it’s time to blend! Start on a low setting and increase the speed until everything is smooth.

Chicken and Brown Rice 

After a long, hard workout, there’s nothing more satisfying than a big bowl of chicken and brown rice. This dish is packed with protein and complex carbs, which are exactly what your body needs to recover from a strenuous session. 

Make sure you cook the rice according to the directions written on the package. While the rice is cooking, sauté chicken in a pan with olive oil, garlic, and your favorite seasonings.

Once you have cooked the chicken, add it to the rice and stir to combine. Serve and enjoy!

Post-Workout Snacks

Sometimes you don’t want a full meal once you have finished your workout. There’s nothing quite like a post-workout snack to refuel your body and help you recover. There are many yummy options to satisfy your cravings and heal your body all at the same time. 

Chocolate Milk 

Who wouldn’t want an excuse to drink this delicious childhood beverage? Chocolate milk is yummy and also great for your post-workout recovery. 

Chocolate milk contains a perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein. Both of these are key for replenishing your energy and repairing muscles after a workout. 

The electrolytes in chocolate milk can help you rehydrate better than plain water. The sugar in this drink can help to boost your mood and improve your focus.

So the next time you finish a workout, reach for a cold glass of chocolate milk. Your body will thank you!

Protein Shake 

A simple protein shake is a great way to get some quick nutrients into your body. For a satisfying snack, grab your favorite protein powder and mix it up with milk. Pair it with a banana or other fruit for a quick post-workout snack. 

Hard-Boiled Egg 

A post-workout hard-boiled egg is an excellent snack to help you recover from your workout. This protein-packed snack will help you build muscle and repair tissue. Plus, the healthy fats in the egg yolk will help keep you satiated.

Nut-Butter Toast 

While there are many options out there for post-workout snacks, nothing beats savory toast. Toast is easy to make, and packed with the nutrients your body needs to recover from a tough workout. 

Making the perfect nut butter toast is so easy a kid could do it. Start with a slice of whole-grain bread.

Spread on a layer of your favorite nut butter. Almond and peanut butter make great post-workout options. 

Top the toast with a few slices of banana or another favorite fruit. Finish the toast off with a drizzle of honey or a sprinkling of cinnamon as an extra treat. 

Crackers and Tuna 

Who says that post-workout snacks have to be complicated? The best example of this is crackers and tuna. 

These two staples are easy to keep on hand, and they make for a nutritious snack. The crackers provide complex carbohydrates to help replenish your energy stores. Tuna is a great source of protein that can work to rebuild your muscles.

This snack is incredibly easy to make. Open a can of tuna and add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Add a scoop of tuna to the tops of your crackers and Bon appetite! 

Protein Bars 

Protein bars are a great after-workout snack for a few reasons. They help replenish your muscles with the protein they need to repair and get bigger. They’re also a convenient choice and an easy way to get the nutrients your body needs after a workout. 

Make sure to read the label carefully before choosing your protein bar. First, make sure it has a good balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Check the label to make sure it doesn’t have too much sugar. Don’t forget to pick a flavor that you love!

What to Avoid Eating After a Workout

It is crucial to refuel your body after a workout, but that doesn’t mean all foods are fair game. Eating the wrong foods can lead to indigestion and can also wreak havoc on your workout results.

Don’t reach for high-fat foods after you work out. They can take longer to digest and can lead to indigestion.

You should also avoid very sugary foods, as they can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This can also lead to a sugar crash, which can leave you feeling sluggish and tired.

Know What to Eat After a Workout to Get the Most Out of Your Exercise

A lot goes into getting yourself through a workout. Knowing what to eat after a workout will help you feel your best and give you great results. Remember to stay hydrated and eat within thirty minutes of the end of your workout.

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