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15 Big Reasons You Absolutely Need a Gym Membership This Year

15 Big Reasons You Absolutely Need a Gym Membership This Year

Have you looked under that massive dust bunny in the corner of your garage lately? Rumor has it that there’s an unused treadmill gathering dust, waiting for a new home on Storage Hunters.

Why get a gym membership when you’ve got your Dustwalker3000 right?

But there’s always a reason why you haven’t used it. And, we’re not talking about excuses. Your lack of time is an excuse, not a reason.

For many, the reason is deeper. Some people struggle at home because they prefer the social elements of the gym. For others, it’s a time management issue, not a lack of time; your only opportunity is a short 30 minute stint in your lunch break.

Working out and exercising is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you’re wondering how to get a gym membership and why, learn these fifteen big reasons you need one this year.

1. You’ll Improve Your Mood

Self-esteem is a subjective and personal concept that varies between individuals. Yet, there are some physical ways to increase self-esteem that happen without any effort at all. When people exercise, for example, their endorphins increase and this makes them feel better.

The release of endorphins from the brain can also lead to feelings of general well-being and contentment. These same chemicals released while exercising, which means that exercise may be as effective in reducing depression as some pharmaceutical drugs with negative side effects.

2. Increase Your Energy Levels

Ever had that flat feeling in the afternoon, especially near home time from work? Well, The gym can help with that. Many people believe that going to the gym is a chore. They think that nobody enjoys working out, and it’s something they have to do. But when you go to the gym, you are releasing endorphins, which help to relieve pain and depression.

There’s no reason you can’t visit before work or on your lunch break, too, to help get you through the day. You’ll be able to leave with a smile on your face and get back to doing what you do best, with a spring in your step. The trick is finding the right amount of exercise for you or your body to withstand without causing overexertion.

Nobody wants to see you crawling back to the office or worse, ending up in an ambulance because you pushed it too hard. Depending on your job, don’t do more than needed.

3. Increase Your Social Exposure

It might feel like you’ve been in lockdown for months in recent times, but it’s also an opportunity to get out there exercising again. And, if you’re working from home, it’s even more important to get out of the house and exercise. So why not double up and improve your social life as well with your gym membership.

The gym is good for social mobility because it’s a social place where people meet and talk. People are also able to decrease their loneliness through the exercise they do in the gym.

You’ll have the time in your schedule to get back into shape, renewing your desire so that you’re ready when you need to get back into the swing of things. Remember: if you can’t make it out during the week, then get out there on a weekend.

4. Improve Your Memory

When you go to the gym, you’re getting oxygen to all parts of your body. And the brain is no exception. Gym work is well documented as helping your executive function and improve memory retention in the long term.

The executive function is the section of the brain that handles everything from planning to paying attention. By exercising, you’re able to improve your memory retention in the long run. So you’ll be able to remember all those tricky things at work and school a lot easier.

5. Look After Your Organs

There’s not much else in life that can give you so many benefits as exercise can. The more active people are, the less likely they are to develop chronic illnesses that could be detrimental to their health and even life expectancy.

Inactivity has been known as one of the top risk factors for obesity-related illnesses such so because when people don’t get enough physical activity, it causes them to eat more and gain weight.

Obesity, which is a main component of diabetes, also leads to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and musculoskeletal disorders. This can affect your quality of life immediately as well as in the long term when you have to deal with chronic conditions all your life.

The good news is that with the right gym work and a healthy diet, the effects of some conditions such as diabetes can be reversed.

6. Improve Your Sleep Quality

You’ll sleep better knowing you are doing everything you can to stay healthy. Exercise has some benefits on sleep including improvements in sleep quality and duration. Furthermore, exercising before bedtime can help you fall asleep instead of staying awake the whole night.

That’s because your body becomes more relaxed and you fall into a deep state of sleep. Getting exercise during the day gives you the energy to sleep better at night.

7. You Can Treat Yourself (in Moderation)

Incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle is a great way to help prevent weight gain and extra fat or fat storage from staying on your body.

Or, in some less-common cases, it might be that you need to go the other way and gain weight healthily due to previous illness or high metabolism. If this is the case, then knowing how to eat the right foods to build muscle from scratch at the gym will go a long way to making sure you’re doing it right.

8. Reduced Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Mental health is different from the mood aspects mentioned above. The feeling of good days and bad days is not unique to one person. Anxiety and depression can be debilitating conditions, to say the least so it’s understandable that medicating is not enough for anyone.

Life’s best medication is healthy eating, fresh air, and exercise. And we guarantee in those lonely winter months you’re more likely to want to visit the gym to do your workouts than go for a run in the freezing rain!

9. Feed Your Ego in a Controlled Manner

For some people, being complemented is a huge boost to their confidence. And it isn’t always in the interest of pursuing a relationship. For many, it’s something simple like a parent noticing they aren’t out of breath, or someone noticing their skin looks clearer than usual.

This confidence boost will help you feel happier and more confident in all aspects of your life. Thus, it’s a great idea to be able to stay active and fit no matter what age you are.

Be aware that too much confidence can also cause issues and have the opposite effect and push your nearest and dearest away. We recommend a good personal trainer to help make sure you’re getting fit the right way!

10. Healthy Habits for Life

The gym can be a good habit to form for a lifetime. The benefits of working out are wide and varied in their effects on both the body and the mind. It can help people lose weight, stay healthy, and improve their confidence.

You might find one day that you’re not able to go to the gym. But the good news is you’ll still have the mindset that you need to get out of the house or office to go for a walk, and that in itself is priceless.

11. Gain Self-Esteem In Your Capabilities

Self-esteem can be about self-confidence in many different areas of life. It’s not always about physical confidence, but emotional and intellectual confidence as well. The feeling of knowing that you’ve burned 500 calories is satisfying enough to make anyone happy.

You’ll start to feel better in your own confidence that you’re achieving your goals or at least on the way. For many, this also extends into their work or personal lives. They are not only funny and caring, but they make you feel like you’re a part of something important that is worth being there for.

12. Improve Executive Function

For the majority, executive function is well-regulated with healthy eating and regular exercise at the gym. But even if you’ve never been overweight, you may find that symptoms of conditions such as ADHD have been exacerbated by a poor diet and lack of exercise.

Gym work is great for anyone with ADHD who struggles with executive function, as you can move between different equipment in a regulated manner without losing your focus. Not only that, you’ll notice the benefits of increased focus at work and in your personal life as well.

13. Discover New Hobbies in Sports

By going to the gym and making yourself new friends, you’ll be able to get involved in new sports you’ve never tried before. Whether that’s a gym-related sport such as weightlifting, or cardio such as athletics, there’s something for everyone.

Or, you might choose to partake in a team sport such as rugby, or soccer. We’re sure your local team would love to have the new you onboard. And, if that’s not your thing, you might choose a career in fitness!

Who knows, you might even find that a few months into it you’re moving onto competitive levels. There are tournaments for all ages and all abilities, so we guarantee you’ll find something that appeals.

14. Save Yourself Money

What’s holding you back from a gym membership? Let me guess. Someone on the internet told you to cancel it because it’s too expensive. But what they didn’t tell you is that it can work out cheaper – Hear us out.

If a gym membership costs $50, and you’re spending an extra $50 a month on healthier eating, that may seem like a $100 expense. But take everything you bought and never used, and add up how much you’re spending on things you don’t need. Takeaways, clothes you can’t fit into anymore, the next new gadget.

Use that money on a gym membership instead. You can get rid of the stuff you don’t need and treat yourself to a weekend away! It might be the break you need as well as deserve but never got round to booking.

15. Become a Role Model

It’s a sad thing to say but the last thing you want is to not be around to see your family grow up and become successful. So take this opportunity to lead by example and show your kids what can be done when you put your mind to it.

Get to know them better and be more present, especially in a world where we revolve our lives around work and providing for the family, no matter our modern family dynamic. If your kids see the benefits of you looking after yourself first hand, they’re more likely to follow in your footsteps.

And even better, why not celebrate your newfound fitness by running a marathon or a half marathon for charity? That way you can raise some much-needed money for those less fortunate, and inspire others to do the same!

Make a Gym Membership Your Priority

There you go. Fifteen of the biggest benefits of getting a gym membership, and how these benefits are just part of that process. Gym memberships are a great way to get accountability for gym time and keep up with your fitness goals.

In no time, you’ll appreciate how much value and enjoyment your bringing to everyone’s lives, not just your own.

So grab a free pass today and welcome the new you in style!


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