Testimonial from Keisha Cooper

Keisha Cooper

Well I guess my little story began in February 2019; I was 8 months post-partum from a high risk pregnancy; during my pregnancy I couldn’t do much in terms of weight training or HIIT; I was able to walk and swim that was about it; 4 months after giving birth I’d lost the 23.5 pounds of baby weight I’d gained; I prior to pregnancy participated in personal training sessions three-four times a week at my old gym; I decided I needed to do something; as I hadn’t been a heavy young adult, but absolutely struggled once I hit 30! I was just plain big, and very frustrated. After coming in, I had my initial consultation with Matt Gunning; I really had no expectations, but I knew that I wasn’t going to waste my money and I needed not only to lose weight for myself, but for my daughter; I want to ensure that a healthy and balanced lifestyle is what is normal and routine for her as she grows.

Well let’s just say after the initial consultation I was so very frustrated as I truly didn’t realize the abilities I lost during the 1.5 years of being pregnant and giving birth; I found Matt to be engaging, honest and also brutally honest, which for me was very much appreciated; I remember him saying. ” we have our work cut out for us”… I can laugh now, but that was his kind way of saying. woman you are out of shape!!! We took it slow, and just really worked to build my endurance and strength; slowly but surely I was less winded and exhausted during my sessions; By the late spring the size 16 that was too snug in Feb, had a bit of breathing room; I really couldn’t see a difference but felt better in my clothes; we increased my training to 3 sessions a week and by May , Matt was straight up kicking my butt in every session; I hated every bit of it, but was determined not to waste my money, or his time. We tweaked my eating, I was able to be honest with him when I was making strides and also when I wasn’t doing what I needed to in terms of eating; During this time as well, Matt began expanding his knowledge and was comfortable enough to verbalize that he’d been exploring and educating himself on better ways to assist his clients in achieving optimal and long term results. I joined the 90-day weight loss challenge, and to my utter surprise, I won the damn contest! At this point I still wasn’t really clear on just how much weight I’d lost because I hate the scale; but by early summer I could no longer wear size 16 or XXL clothing!! Big Victory, I must also give credit to Matt’s wife Yesenia, because along the way she too became a support to me; I cannot tell you how many dressing room photos I sent of clothes and tags celebrating my weight loss!!

I’m self-employed and own a very high paced business that demands a lot of my time; so some weeks I make all of my sessions, others I don’t make one; I’ve been committed to changing: the way I think about food, the way I think about exercising and my overall desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle. To date I’ve lost almost 40 pounds gone down 5 sizes in clothing, 4 sizes in bras and just feel overall better , it seems like it’s taken FOREVER!!!!!!! I’ve 13-14 pounds from my goal weight; while I’ve done the work, I have never made such progress while working with a trainer prior; Matt puts his very best into his clients, he is committed, never late, and always show up, prepared, ready to motivate and push YOU!!! I happen to be very fond of the morning crew, I’ve come to know quite of few of the other members who also train early in the mornings as well as trainers Vince and Kayla. It’s a great atmosphere in the mornings and it always keeps me ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! I trust Matt and everything that he’s told me in terms of nutrition, exercise, rest and healthy ways to manage my life have all come to fruition. I look forward to the next year of training and hope to have even more optimal results in 2020!!!!

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