Enjoy the Benefits of Pilates Group Exercise at Clermont Gym

Get into a better state of body and mind with Yoga Classes at Fitness CF Clermont

Pilates is an enjoyable way to workout at Fitness CF, because it’s a form of exercise that is relaxing as well as strengthening. A certified trainer will lead your class in a workout that emphasizes breathing, controlled movements, and balance – and it’s much easier on the body than other, high impact group exercise classes (like Zumba or Kickboxing) at our gym in Clermont.

Pilates is performed on mats and often uses accessories like resistance bands during the workout. Although it is lower intensity, you’ll still find that Pilates helps to tone muscles, improve balance, range of motion, and flexibility. Although it is considered low impact, it’s still an effective exercise for strengthening and toning.

Check out our group schedule or call the gym at (352) 394-2210 to find out more about Pilates and all of the group exercise classes we offer.



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