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7 Benefits of Group Training Classes for Your Fitness Goals

group training classes

Did you know that more than 50% of adults in the US don’t meet the recommended guidelines for daily exercise? Sadly, this number is even higher for children.

Exercising is an important thing to include in your typical routine in order to stay healthy and in shape. However, an issue for many people is a lack of knowledge about what to do when it comes to working out.

There’s a simple solution to this problem: group training classes. These classes can help people from novice to expert reach their fitness goals, lose weight, and improve their lives. Read on to learn seven benefits that working out in groups can bring you.

1. Built-in Motivation

One of the hardest things about working out is finding the motivation to do so. This is especially true if you haven’t found a type of workout that excites you and that you genuinely enjoy doing.

Group classes cover many different types of workouts, and the trainers are taught how to motivate groups of people made up of different personalities.

Trying out these classes is a good way to figure out what type of exercise works best for you and find a trainer that motivates you and encourages you to bring your best to every workout.

2. More Likely to Push Yourself

Taking part in group classes will help you push yourself much more than you do when you’re on your own.

Why is this? The other people in the class are like your accountability buddies! Even if they aren’t directly holding you accountable and encouraging you, just seeing other people trying their hardest and not giving up can help keep you on track.

You’re also much more likely to slack when you’re working out on your own. Whether it’s compromising form, taking breaks when you don’t truly need them, or stopping to focus on notifications on your phone, taking a class can help you avoid these missteps.

3. A Greater Variety of Workouts

There are many different benefits that come from attending fitness classes, but one of the top ones is naturally getting variety in your workouts.

When you’re on your own, you likely tend to gravitate towards exercises that are easy for you or are limited by moves that you can recall and know how to do. 

Following a group class schedule ensures that you will learn new moves and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This can result in better results, including greater weight loss and more defined muscles.

4. Someone to Check Your Form

Having improper form when working out can stifle your results and lead to injuries! Unfortunately, most of the time, people don’t even realize that they aren’t using proper form until something bad happens and they hurt themselves.

Taking group classes helps you to avoid this problem. The instructors will take gently and nicely correct you if your form is so off that you’re at risk of hurting yourself.

It likely won’t get to this point, though, because you will have a trained professional performing the move in front of you so that you can copy them and know exactly what to do! This is why taking classes, especially at the beginning of your fitness journey, can be helpful.

5. The Social Aspect

Working out in groups provides you with the opportunity to be social, meet new people, and develop new friendships!

Many adults have forged friendships with people they met through classes at their local gym. It’s easy to approach people because the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and you already know that you have at least one thing in common.

6. Better Accountability

Most people have a difficult time holding themselves accountable. Having a group of people to help you do this can be invaluable.

If you sign up for a class and you know they’re expecting you, you’re more likely to go. If you attend a class on a regular basis, knowing how good you feel afterward can help you to hold yourself accountable.

Overall, you’re more likely to be responsible if you have others around you inspiring you by doing the same thing as you.

7. Structure in Your Routine

People thrive when they have a routine to follow.

It makes it easier to keep your commitments and schedule other activities. For example, when you have a class to go to at a specific time, you’re mentally prepared in comparison to randomly deciding to head to the gym for a workout.

You might also find yourself pushing yourself in a different way by simply working out more often than you ever have because it’s a non-negotiable part of your life.

Finally, having structure when it comes to your workout schedule will help you to develop structure in other parts of your life as well. You might find yourself making more time to cook healthy meals or adopt other healthy habits.

Sign Up for Group Training Classes ASAP

While there are countless benefits to group training classes, this article highlights seven that anyone can expect to see if you begin taking them now.

From pushing yourself to making friends to ensuring that you have the proper form, taking exercise classes can help improve your life, broaden your circle, and increase your fitness.

If you live in the Orlando, Clermont, Mount Dora, or St Cloud areas and want to take the leap and try out a group fitness class, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information! 


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