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Top 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Fitness Classes

choosing fitness classes

Are you ready to get back out there?

Over 310 million Americans were under some type of lockdown at the height of the pandemic restrictions. Now, as restrictions begin easing, you can see more people out on the roads, sitting in restaurants, and working out in gyms!

If you’re thinking about joining a gym and taking advantage of group fitness classes, then this article is for you. Group classes are a fantastic way to get in shape, learn fitness techniques, and socialize.

However, when it comes to choosing fitness classes, picking the wrong class can wind up discouraging you instead of empowering you.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start getting in shape? Read on to find out how to pick a fitness class you can fall in love with.

1. Choosing Fitness Classes Using Location

When you’re choosing fitness classes, it’s always a good idea to consider the location of the class you’ll be taking. By joining a gym that has multiple locations in your area, you’ll be able to expand your fitness options even more. For instance, Fitness CF has over three gyms throughout the Florida area.

Whether you’re in Orlando, Mount Dora, or out in St Cloud, there’s a Fitness CF studio you can attend. If you’re going to use a free pass to check out one of the gyms, we suggest checking out the one that you’ll be attending the most.

You can also look at a schedule of the gym’s group classes. Using your free pass, you’ll be able to experience the class as if you were already a member.

Next, make sure the gym you’re attending has all of the specific types of amenities you’re looking for.  For instance, one of the reasons our gyms are so popular is because we offer on-site child care.

Kids Club Hours

Sticking to a workout schedule can be difficult, but having kids can make it twice as hard. Thankfully, fitness CF understands that everyone in the family needs to have a chance to invest in themselves. That’s why locations such as our Orlando gym out and Dr. Phillips offer on-site child care.

Not only will your children be looked after, but they’ll also get a chance to exercise themselves! Our on-site child Care location has been transformed into a kid’s gym. The safe and secure kids’ gym is available for infants through 12 years of age. Your kids will be able to enjoy a variety of fitness activities, toys, and other fun games.

Are you dropping off a little one that you’d like to keep an extra close eye on? Our nursery area over in the Orlando location has live cameras so you can peek in on your loved ones while you’re working out.

2. Class Length and Schedule

Moving on, another important factor to consider is the length of the class you want to take. Are you trying to squeeze a workout in on your lunch break? If yes, then you’ll want to skip the 60-minute sessions. Of course, if you have an extra-long lunch break that’ll provide time for you to work out and take a shower, go for it.

However, if you’re like most 9 to 5:00 workers, who are lucky enough to get away from work for 45 minutes to an hour, then stick to the shorter classes. For instance, you can look for a group fitness class that only lasts 20 to 30 minutes. If you can’t find a class that fits your specific time allowance, then consider customizing your workout.

Putting together a short routine, such as 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes doing weights, and 10 minutes stretching, can be a wonderful workout.

Losing Weight

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. However, if you want to lose weight, you may need to ramp that number up a bit. For weight loss goals, you should be aiming for 45 or more minutes of physical activity each day.

3. Weekly Schedule

After finding a gym class that isn’t too short, and isn’t too long, the next step is to check out the schedule. The last thing you want to do is to fall in love with the class that only meets up on days you rarely have off.

It’s also a good idea to switch things up a bit. Instead of doing the same class three times a week, why not branch out and try something new? Perhaps Monday you’ll spend some time connecting with your breath during yoga. However, Friday could be the perfect time to turn up the heat with a cardio stomping class.

4. Setting Fitness Goals With Classes

Next, think about what your fitness goals are. Are you looking to shed a few pounds? Are you going to the gym because you want to have better flexibility? Start getting specific about what your fitness goals look like.

Next, find a fitness class that’s going to help you target those goals. If you’re just looking to have a little fun, joining a Zumba class might be all you need. However, if you have more specific needs, then you could benefit from a class like spinning or yoga.

Spinning Classes

Have you ever taken a spinning class before? If not, you’re in for a real treat. Providing fitness enthusiasts with a challenging workout, you’ll be able to have a blast while spinning your body into shape.

One of the top benefits spin classes have to offer is the ability to burn a ton of calories. No matter how old you are, or how active your lifestyle is, spinning classes can help a wide variety of people. You can start with a beginner spinning class, which is a great way to learn the techniques. As you build lean muscle and burn calories, you’ll be investing in your heart health too.

Yoga Classes

Looking for something more calm and relaxing? If yes, then we suggest taking one of our yoga classes. Similar to the spinning classes, anyone can enjoy yoga, no matter what your experience level is.

By customizing the class to meet your current abilities, we’ll be able to provide you with life-changing body awareness. To push yourself a little more, check out what our pilates classes are like.

5. Different Training Methods

Moving on, it’s worth noting that there’s a lot of different training methods available, such as strength vs endurance.
A spin class also gives you the ability to get a little bit of both. You’ll be building up your muscles, while also improving your stamina. Yoga, on the other hand, places a stronger focus on strength training.

The different yoga moves can be a great way to build core muscles, while also strengthening other muscle groups. However, that’s not to say that a yoga class can’t have elements of endurance training. For instance, vinyasa yoga offers gym-goers a faster-paced class that will put their endurance to the test.

6. Personal Training vs Group Class

While spinning, and yoga, are great ways to socialize and work out, they might not be able to help you reach all of your fitness goals. When you have a large fitness goal to conquer, a personal trainer can be the perfect coach to get you there.

Instead of having to guess what the right steps are along the way to achieving your health dreams, you can have an experienced professional leading you along. For beginners, personal training can be especially helpful at learning the best workout techniques. If you’ve never trained your muscles before, it can be easy to overdo it.

Thankfully, a personal trainer will be able to help you avoid all of the common mistakes that beginners make. From learning the best stretching practices, to how to train each muscle group, a personal trainer can be a trusted guide. For instance, did you know that experts suggest at least 5-10 minutes of warmups before starting a workout? Jumping into a workout cold is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself.

Have you been going to the gym for a while already? If you’re a fitness veteran, you can still benefit from the expertise a trainer has to offer. Getting one-on-one attention can mean having the best fitness levels you ever dreamed of possible.

Muscle Growing Tips

If you want to build your muscles, you can benefit from a blend of both approaches. Typically, you can expect to wait about 8 weeks to see significant muscle growth. However, don’t lose motivation if it takes you a little longer. Everybody is different, and for some building, muscle is a long process.

7. Should You Combine Solo and Group Classes?

To get the best of both worlds, we suggest signing up for personal training and group classes. The individualized attention you get from your trainer will help you excel in your group classes, more than you ever thought possible. However, it’s in the group classes where the magic happens when it comes to making new friends.

If you’re only investing time with a personal trainer, you’ll miss out on the wonderful new friendships that await you in a spinning or yoga class. Finding the perfect blend of personal training and group fitness classes is going to depend on your personal needs and preferences.

If you’re the type of person who likes to zone in on a goal and go after it with all of their might, you’ll probably want a few more personal training sessions then you will group classes. However, if your main goal is to create a community of health and wellness around you, then consider splitting your group classes and personal training classes 50/50.

Of course, if paying for personal training is something you can’t afford right now, don’t worry. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced health enthusiast, our group classes will be able to help you reach your goals. You’ll also have access to state-of-the-art gym equipment for customized workout sessions you do on your own.

8. Equipment Needed for Group Fitness Classes

Moving on, another factor to consider is the type of equipment each class requires. If you decide to move forward with the spinning class, all you need to bring is yourself, a towel, and a water bottle. Once you arrive at the gym, you can talk to the instructor if you need to customize your pace for the class.

Yoga is almost as simple, except you might want to bring a few pieces of equipment with you. For instance, some people like to bring their yoga mat, rather than borrowing one at the gym. Yoga enthusiasts swear by the positive energy that your yoga mat can capture after each workout.

Whether it’s a placebo effect, or you simply associate your yoga mat with a positive workout, it can be fun using the same mat each time. Similar to a spin class, you’ll also want to bring a water bottle and towel. When you arrive at the yoga class, it’s customary to remove your shoes and socks.

By removing your shoes and socks you’ll be able to properly position your body for each pose. Sometimes yoga instructors will have their students use props or blocks. The props and blocks can help place your body in the perfect position to get the most out of the yoga poses.

However, don’t worry about going out and buying props and blocks of your own. If the instructor is going to be using anything additional, it’ll be a piece of equipment the class can provide.

Get Your Fit On

It’s never made more sense to get out there and start working out. However, instead of limiting yourself to walks around the block, it’s time to hop into an in-person group class. Go ahead and reach out to us today and sign up for a free pass.

When you use your pass, be sure to use the tips you learned in this article. By picking out a fitness class you can thrive in, you’ll reach a new level of fitness. Are you ready for more health-savvy tips like the ones in this guide? Check out the rest of this site!


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