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An Active Senior’s Guide to the SilverSneakers Program

Silver Sneakers

Everyone knows about the myriad benefits of getting active, no matter how old you are or how late you start. A recent Swedish study found that physical activity is the primary contributor to longevity, adding years to your life, even if you don’t start until your senior years. 

You can start garnering the benefits of physical activity as well, and now for free with the SilverSneakers program. If you aren’t sure what this program is all about or if you are eligible, then keep reading for all the necessary details.  

What Is the SilverSneakers Program?

If you have a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, then you are in luck. Your healthcare plan might include a free fitness membership plan in it, called SilverSneakers, for adults 65+. 

There are roughly 14,000 recreation centers, churches, and senior community centers all over America that are included in this SilverSneakers program. Not only do you get access to all the fitness equipment in these recreation centers, but you can also get access to social events, exercise classes, and amenities. 

Some of the classes and amenities could include (depending on the location and recreation center): 

  • Swimming pools (including water aerobics classes, if offered)
  • Tennis Courts
  • Walking tracks
  • Boot Camp classes
  • Circuit training
  • Strength and balance classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Zumba and Tai Chi classes

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t. There are certain things to know about this before you start dreaming about becoming a gym rat.  

You can’t join the SilverSneakers program if your plan doesn’t allow it.

Original Medicare Does Not Include SilverSneakers

If you have the Original Medicare, Part A, and Part B plans, then you are not eligible for the SilverSneakers program. Only Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) are eligible. 

Not sure about which plan you are on? Consult your licensed sales agent to find out more details. Also, if you aren’t already on a Medicare plan, then you can contact a sales agent for a quote on a plan at 1-877-388-0596.

You can also contact your health insurance plan to find out about your SilverSneakers eligibility, or visit the SilverSneakers website to check your eligibility online

What Does It Cost?

As iterated earlier, there is no cost to joining up the SilverSneakers plan, because it’s already included within your Medicare plan. There are no additional fees to pay, but if you are going to get a massage, personal training, or go for a tanning session, then these would be extra and would vary in cost depending on the gym or recreational center. 

When you contact your health insurance plan to enquire about the SilverSneakers program, they will be able to give you more details on what exactly is included in your gym membership for free and what’s extra. 

How Do I Join?

If you are eligible (you can find out using the link above), then it’s quite simple to join. All you need to do is get a SilverSneakers membership card which you can then show at participating gyms to get your free entry. 

How do you get the card? Fill out the SilverSneakers form online. You will then receive your card, which you can print and bring to your gym or recreational center. 

What are you waiting for? Find out if you are eligible and if you are, get your card and start getting active for free already!

The FLEX Program

The great thing about the SilverSneakers program is that you aren’t just eligible to use the weights, and cardio machines, like treadmills, and exercise cycles. You can also join FLEX workout classes with your membership. The workout instructors will have special knowledge about what a person over 65 needs to boost their fitness levels, so make sure to use this resource to your advantage. 

These workout classes can help boost your health in many different ways:


When you boost your stamina, you can exercise for longer without your body getting tired. Aerobic exercise usually helps with this, and this is important for improving your heart health, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving mobility. 


As you get older, your muscle mass reduces drastically. This can result in a loss of strength and can be quite detrimental to your general life quality. With simple bodyweight exercises, you can boost strength and prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, and other diseases. 


Do you notice that you have a hard time touching your toes while standing or sitting? Flexibility becomes more important as you get older since you are more prone to injury when less flexible. 


This is another crucial skill for senior citizens to prevent falls, thus, helping avoid debilitating hip or ankle injuries. Get nimbler with each workout session.

SilverSneakers Gyms

Fitness CF, located in central Florida, offers dozens of fitness classes, including spin classes, yoga, and more. We welcome folks of all fitness levels. We have gyms in Clermont, South Clermont, Orlando, Mount Dora, and St. Cloud. 

If you aren’t sure if you want a yearly membership, we also offer month-to-month memberships, so you can take your time deciding. We are also part of the SilverSneakers program run by Medicare, so come over if you are a senior citizen with a SilverSneakers membership card. 

Are You Ready to Get Fit for Free?

It’s time for you as a senior citizen to start paying more attention to your health by boosting your fitness levels. It’s easy enough to do when you have a gym membership. 

If you already have a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan, then you are eligible for the SilverSneakers program. Contact our fitness gyms today and get started with achieving your fitness goals. There’s no need to delay any further.  


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