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13 Incredible Benefits of a Personal Trainer

13 Incredible Benefits of a Personal Trainer

The world is beginning to open back up, and it’s about time that we all shaved off a few quarantine pounds. If you’re not someone who’s tried to lose weight in the past, though, you might be surprised by how difficult it is to do.

From getting up to go to the gym to pushing yourself while you’re there, it’s a big challenge. Coming back day after day makes it even harder.

That said, something has to be done if you want to bring back that pre-quarantine body! We’re going to talk about personal trainers today, giving you a few ideas on why they’re important and what they can do for you.

Hopefully, the ideas below queue you in as to why hiring a personal trainer is such a great thing to do. Let’s take a look.

1. Personal Assessment

On our own, we might just jump into a half-baked exercise routine and try to push ourselves until the pounds come off. That’s how we end up burning out, pulling muscles, and giving up.

The smarter approach is to take stock of where you’re at and create goals to work toward. A personal trainer can take an insightful look at your current state and craft a routine that will get you where you want to go.

You’ll run through some exercises and tests to find out what you can do, giving your trainer information to use when they decide how to move forward. Additionally, the trainer will factor your personal goals into the nature and intensity of the exercises that you’ll do together.

2. Guidance on Form

Proper form is very important when it comes to exercising. Without help from a professional, there’s no way of knowing how to do the various lifts and exercises you need to do.

Sure, you can guess and get pretty close, but there are risks to doing that. Mainly, improper form can leave you injured. If you’re working with too much weight or you push yourself too hard with improper form, you might experience an injury that’s difficult to come back from.

Using the correct form also helps you develop the muscles that you want to target. It takes time, too.

As we start to lose energy, form slips and we get into habits that put us at risk. Working through exercises and developing habits with a trainer will allow you to establish a great form and prevent those risks.

3. Accountability

This one might be the most important of all.

Personal trainers are a touchpoint for you to use as a reason to get up, get out, and start exercising. They’re there to help you and you’re working on something together.

Having someone on the other end makes it a lot easier to find the motivation. When you’re doing it alone, it’s very easy to leave things until another day. Think about it, who would rather go lift weights than relax and enjoy a good Netflix binge?

Not only will you be accountable to show up, but you’ll also have something that the two of you are working on together. Both you and your trainer have a vested interest in making progress.

When you start to see results, your trainer will be just as excited as you are. That connection will make the process a lot more enjoyable and help you get out of the house.

Plus, who knows? You might start to enjoy exercising more than laying back and watching a show.

4. Health Education

Getting fit and staying healthy is about a lot more than going to the gym. It’s a shift in lifestyle that isn’t simple or easy to understand. Factors like diet, relationships, attitude, and more all play a role.

A personal trainer does more than just work you out. They can help you to understand and direct your personal habits so that you can become healthier. When you have an understanding of health, you can gear your life into a position where you’ll remain healthy and happy.

The pounds won’t come back because your mindset will shift.

Nutrition is a big part of that equation and one that many people don’t understand. Getting fit requires that you pay close attention to nutrition. You won’t be able to make it through a workout on an empty stomach.

Further, a stomach full of junk food won’t fuel you to your fitness goals. Your trainer can help you work out which foods to eat so that you stay motivated and energized enough to meet your goals.

5. Goal Management

Realistic goals are a huge piece of an effective workout program. When your goals are unrealistic, it’s easy to feel defeated and give up.

Plus, achievable goals are those that you can plot and break down into realistic chunks. A personal trainer creates goals that they know are achievable, meaning that you’re capable of getting to the point that you and your trainer want to get to.

This is a far cry from thinking “I want to get into shape” and compulsively going for a run or doing pushups. These goals are ones that you will achieve if you work with your trainer and stick to the things that you both discuss.

No longer do you have to worry about getting fit or wondering why you don’t have the motivation to get into the kind of shape you want. You and your trainer will figure it out and you’ll have set goals and steps to get there. Additionally, your personal goals might be a little too big to accomplish right away.

Your trainer will help get your expectations in line so that you aren’t disappointed. If you have massive goals, you can plot them out and get to them. The nice thing, though, is that you’ll know how long you have to work and what to expect along the way.

6. Support

Have people in your life that don’t support you?

It hurts to go through struggles without people that are there to lift you up. If you’re finding that nobody believes in your fitness goals or lifestyle change, you can bet that a personal trainer will fill that place.

When you’re together, your trainer is there to make you feel better. Whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally, or through inspiration, that’s what they’re there to do.

A little support goes a long way. They’re going to build your confidence and offer support when it comes to your health and wellness goals.

7. Extra Push

There’s no denying that pushing yourself is easier when there’s someone next to you helping you along.

If you’re by yourself, there’s nothing stopping you from getting in that extra rep or spending an excruciating last minute on the treadmill. Those little steps, though, are the things that push you along.

Those final pushes say something about your ability to get through, and they all add up to a healthier and happier version of yourself. The tough part is that it takes a long time to develop that inner voice on your own.

A trainer is right there in your ear, giving you encouragement and reminding you that it’s possible for you to make it through that last rep.

8. Social Interaction

A personal trainer isn’t going to be your best friend, and odds are that you’ll maintain a professional relationship and keep things inside of the gym. That said, the past year has been a lonely one for most of us, and a personal trainer might be a nice, healthy touchpoint for you coming out of the pandemic.

They’re there to help you, you’ll get to know each other, and you might develop a great professional relationship as you work through your health and fitness goals. Social interaction is a big part of mental wellbeing, so it’s not a small thing that you’ll be engaging with a new human being for a while.

Stepping into the gym and being around others, even if you’re socially distanced, is a healthy thing to do as well. The gym can be a reminder that others are out there, struggling to reach their fitness goals just like you are.

9. Variety

Personal trainers aren’t limited to gym workouts. There’s a variety of professionals who can help you exercise in different areas if you’d like to.

If you prefer to be outside or you’d like to incorporate unique exercises into the mix, that’s all there for you. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite methods of getting active if you want to work with a personal trainer.

You just have to contact them and see if that’s something they’d be willing to incorporate before the both of you get started. If you find that they’re not able to accommodate you, just shop around a little and find another trainer.

So, if you’re not a gym rat, that’s totally okay. Our mutual goal is to get you into shape. We can do that in a variety of ways.

10. Prevent Burnout

Burnout happens you work too hard for your body and the nutrients you feed it. It’s a mental game, but burnout has a lot to do with how well your body is doing and whether it can handle the amount of stress you’re putting it under.

Having a night of drinking, eating poorly, then heading to the gym in the morning is a recipe for burnout. If you repeat the process a couple of times, you’ll find that the idea of going to the gym is repulsive.

Alternatively, working with a trainer and figuring out how to eat, sleep, and exercise properly will help reduce burnout. The trainer will know just when to stop and start on different workouts.

This keeps your body from getting overwhelmed, tired, or injured.

11. Tapering Off Isn’t as Likely

Those of us who have had a successful period of exercise know what it’s like when suddenly you’re just not going to the gym anymore. It’s like you’re exercising every day for months, then one day you realize it’s been a few weeks since you’ve even thought about working out.

We start to accomplish those goals, feel satisfied, and the urgency to stay fit isn’t there anymore. While there may be some progress, you don’t reach your true fitness goals when this happens.

The trainer will be there from day one, all the way down to the last minute. There’s no three-week taper-off because you’ll hear from your trainer if you forget to go to the workout.

This is huge. It’s the difference between truly accomplishing something and just feeling a little better.

12. They’re Not Scary


That’s what we sometimes imagine a trainer saying. In reality, though, that’s more “drill sergeant” than a trainer.

A trainer will be kind helpful, not demanding. That’s an important distinction to make because a lot of people are scared that a trainer will be cut from stone, judgemental, and aggressive with them.

This is not the case. A trainer is just healthy and knowledgeable about fitness. They’re also personable, helpful, and will make you feel comfortable.

13. There’s No Reason Not To

We know that a personal trainer is more effective than working out solo.

It helps to have a professional helping you through whatever you’re doing. If you want to get into shape, a personal trainer is that professional, and we all know it. When the time comes for you to hit the gym and achieve your goals, a trainer is a good move.

The benefits of a personal trainer are immeasurable, but you can only experience them if you reach out and set up a meeting. We’re here to help you get to where you want to be.

Want to Experience a Personal Trainer?

Working with a personal trainer might be the healthiest choice you ever make. We’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals and start feeling better today.

Explore our site for more ideas on health and fitness, or contact us today to find out more about working with your own personal trainer.


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