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8 Pro Tips for Getting Into Shape This Year

getting into shape

More than 30 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with heart disease. Plenty of others are obese and living with pain and limited mobility. 

Knowing the best ways to get into shape will help you get the results that’ll be life-changing. These tips for getting into shape will help you accomplish all of your health and fitness goals. 

1. Prioritize Working Out as a Lifestyle

Getting into shape has to be something that you commit to fully. Instead of looking at it as a task that you add to your schedule, you have to make fitness a lifestyle that you build everything around. 

It’s easier to prioritize working out when you know about all that it can do for you. Many people add fitness to their lives for reasons that have nothing to do with the physical benefits. 

Fitting in a workout session first thing in the morning is like a religious experience for many people. It helps them keep their stress levels low and to set their minds in order before going about their workday. 

Stress is an issue that costs businesses $125 billion or more every year. People are also admitted to the hospital every year for stress-related symptoms that turn physical. 

Your motivations for getting into shape may also include body goals, getting strong or more athletic, and to make sure that you keep your blood pressure low. 

Knowing why you’re working out will help you add it to your lifestyle in a meaningful manner. 

2. Figure Out an Activity That You Enjoy

Next, you have to know which physical activity you’re most likely to commit to. Part of working out is to persevere through the moments that aren’t fun, but it always makes more sense to choose an activity that you find joyful. 

You may want to look into group training to bring accountability and support. Figure out what kind of workout plan fits your personality and the way you enjoy spending your time. This can include workout plans like weight training, calisthenics, martial arts, competitive sports, and dance classes. 

3. Learn How to Workout Effectively and Correctly

Learning how to get into shape will help you exercise effectively and correctly. It keeps you from getting hurt and makes sure that you make the best use of your muscle groups and athletic capability. 

Using improper form in the weight room can lead to overexertion and serious injuries to your back, neck, or other body parts. Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ways that you can learn. 

They’ll teach you the fundamentals of training and make sure that you’re going through the right number of reps and sets to start getting noticeable results. 

4. Plan Your Weeks in Advance

Time is always one of the biggest hindrances to meeting your fitness goals. Hash out your workout plans in advance so that you have a schedule that you can stick to. 

It’s easier to make progress when you’re able to prioritize the time and effort. Slot out at least five days per week that include intense physical exercise. It’s easier to commit to your workouts when your decisions are made in advance. 

If you are loose with your plans, it’s easier to back out at the end of a long workday, or to forget to set your alarm in the morning. Create a calendar and use apps that help you to stay organized with all of your classes or workout sessions. 

The mental preparation and decision work will make it easier to beat resistance and build your fitness lifestyle. 

5. Fuel Your Body

Taking care of your nutrition is one of the most important tips for working out. Many people make the mistake eating poorly or running on fumes once it’s time to workout. 

The way that you fuel your body with nutrients is just as important to the success of your health and fitness as the workout. Find out how many calories, and how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you will need to meet your goals. 

Drink about a gallon of water per day as well to make sure that you’re rehydrating your muscles. This will prevent you from pulling muscles and aggravating your joints. 

6. Get Plenty of Rest

Prioritizing rest is one of the most important tips for getting into shape. There’s always a yin and yang that comes with building your body. You won’t get the gains that you are hoping for unless you also get the 7 to 9 hours of sleep that you need. 

Rest lets you recover as your muscles break down and rebuild. This will allow you to make meaningful change and also prevent overworking yourself. 

7. Choose the Best Facilities and Gear

It’s also important that you find the perfect place to workout. When you find a credible gym or workout facility, you’ll want to stick to it so that you know you’re getting the best results. 

Find a gym that has incredible equipment that they always keep new and modern. A gym should also have personal trainers, classes, and should prioritize cleanliness and keeping everything sanitary. 

If you’re building a home gym, make sure that you look into the best equipment supplier. This will help you find solid barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, racks, mats, and any other equipment that can help you get in shape. 

8. Track Your Progress and Set New Goals

You’re not serious about your fitness goals unless you track your progress. Use apps that let you count your steps, chart your workout reps and sets, and your weight and body fat percentage. 

Once you reach goals, begin setting new goals so that you’re always making progress. 

Begin Getting Into Shape Today

Getting into shape is the best gift that you can give yourself no matter what sort of lifestyle you lead. You will feel like a brand new person and love how you look and the way your mind works. 

Fitness CF can help you make all of your fitness goals a reality. We have multiple locations, and would love to be the place you go to when you need an incredible workout experience. Make sure you get in touch for a free pass to try out our facilities. 


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