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5 Key Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer

hiring a personal trainer

There is an old saying that says that if you do not have your health, you do not have anything. This makes a lot of sense when you realize that no matter how beautiful a life experience is, it will be greatly affected by the health you enjoy or do not enjoy at the time that you experience it. The importance of health is a big reason that the market for hiring a personal trainer just in the United States is worth more than $13 billion every single year!

Of course, an industry that large will have a lot of variety in it. That means that there are a lot of choices to consider when you are hiring a personal trainer. It is well worth the extra time and effort it can take to find a personal trainer with the right qualities.

But what exactly are the most important qualities for a quality personal trainer to have? Read on to learn all about the most important things you should be paying attention to when considering your options for a personal trainer!

1. Hire a Personal Trainer Who Gets Results

There are many important qualities a personal trainer can have. However, one quality stands out above all others as the most important. And that is that you need a personal trainer who will get results for you.

There are a number of things you can pay attention to that will help you figure out if a personal trainer will help you get results. One thing to look at is their level of education. The better they understand what they are doing, the more likely they are to generate good results.

On top of that, you can look at their track record. You can ask each personal trainer you are considering for testimonials from past customers. The more excellent testimonials they have, the more likely they are to be able to provide you with similarly excellent results.

Lastly, you can pay attention to experience. The more experience a personal trainer has, the more likely they are to have worked with situations like your own in the past. They are more likely to know how to adapt and make sure that they find a way to help you achieve your fitness potential.

2. Find Someone Who Combines Personal Training With Careful Listening

Another important trait for a personal trainer to embody is careful listening. Some personal trainers develop a system that they think is ideal. Then they try to force that system on every client they have without adapting it in any way.

The truth is that people are different. The best personal trainers have enough knowledge to adapt their systems to the needs of individuals. On top of that, they are prepared to listen.

If your personal trainer is not prepared to listen to you, then there is a certain sense in which they are not really training you. Rather, they are just speaking in your direction without knowing who they are talking to.

You know a lot about your body that a personal trainer cannot. In particular, you know what it is feeling. That is vital information that can inform important decisions about how to help you maximize your fitness.

3. Find Someone Who Can Analyze How You Are Working Out

Unfortunately, even great listening may fail if people do not know what to do with it. A great personal trainer needs to be able to analyze what you are doing. They need to be able to simplify your habits into a clear picture so that they can consider possible interventions to help you achieve greater results.

Without this skill, a personal trainer may simply generate random changes to your fitness routine. Although random changes may eventually help you succeed, this strategy will be far slower than using targeted changes based on precise analysis.

4. Find an Empathetic Personal Trainer

Another important quality for a personal trainer is empathy. Fitness is about a lot more than just knowing what to do. In fact, the truth is that the vast majority of people already know a ton of things they can do to improve their fitness.

What is the point of a personal trainer then? In many cases, the most important thing that a personal trainer does is provide motivation and structure.

But if a personal trainer lacks empathy, then they may not be able to successfully perform this vital function. To provide motivation, they need to be able to understand you. After all, people feel motivated by different things.

On top of that, fitness can be a sensitive subject for many people. An empathetic personal trainer can help people to break through any psychological barriers they have to improving their fitness.

5. Find a Trainer Who Knows How to Work Out in Multiple Ways

A great personal trainer will be prepared to adapt their recommendations to your situation. That applies whether your situation is characterized by unusual scheduling, unusual dietary constraints, or unusual exercise constraints.

Whatever the situation, you are looking for someone who will be able to help you make a quick adaptation and move on. Otherwise, you may end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to work around a small bump in the road.

This is another area where experience comes in handy. Personal trainers with a lot of experience have probably already helped people troubleshoot their fitness routine in exactly the way that you may need.

Understand the Most Important Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Personal Trainer 

We hope learning about the qualities you should look for when hiring a personal trainer has been helpful. Many people decide that it is worth it for them to hire a personal trainer. However, they are reluctant to spend the necessary amount of time and effort to look through their options to find the best trainer for their situation.

Finding a personal trainer with the right qualities is an investment in your future health. To learn more about how to find a great personal trainer, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!


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