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Best Strength Training Exercises to Add to Your Routine

strength training exercises

59% of Americans make a new year resolution to exercise more. But only 23% of us are meeting the recommended daily activity.

Oh, dear. What happened? We start the year so determined to get fit and strong, but eventually, we fall short. Not this year!

What can you do to stay committed to your fitness and strength goals? Well, you may have heard the infamous quote, “variety is the spice of life.” The same applies to your workouts.

You want to gain muscle. So, you repeat the same strength training exercises daily. But, sadly, your gains are minimal, if at all. Sound familiar?

First, find a fun and fresh exercise routine that gets you excited to work out. That’s half the battle won.

Muscle memory means you need to find new ways to push your body. So, we will give you the best strengthening exercises. Then, you can add them to your weekly workout routine.

Read to the end, and we’ll give you a full-body strength training burnout. You can start these exercises today. 

Arm Strength

For us, push-ups go a long way. We love them because you can drop down anywhere and knock them out. You don’t need any equipment, just your strength, and determination. They are one of the best bodyweight exercises.

Standard Push-up 

For those of you who are new to push-ups, start here. Lie on your front and position your hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet together, activate your core, and rise into a plank position. When you lower your body, keep your elbows within 45-degrees.

Diamond Push-up 

From the standard position, move your hands central towards each other. Allow your thumbs and index fingers to touch. Basically, form a diamond shape. For this, your elbows will naturally flare outwards.

Explosive and Clapping Push-up

Start with the more accessible explosive version. Do a standard push-up, but exert extra force to lift your hands off the ground when pushing. Once you’ve got that, try clapping while you are in the air.

Congratulations, you just did a clapping push-up.

If these are too hard, lean against a surface, either a wall or a sideboard. Do the push-ups at a 45-degree angle. Then, move into the strength training floor position when you feel comfortable.

We recommend doing a set that includes standard, diamond, and explosive or clapping push-ups.

Chest Strength

Growing your chest is notoriously tricky. You need to tear and repair your muscles during weight lifting exercises. They aren’t a cardio race. Instead, focus on your mind-to-muscle connection and take it slow.

Around the World

One of our favorite exercises for the chest because it uses full mobility. You can perform them standing up or lying on a bench. The key to this exercise is a quick launch and a slow burner return.

Start with your arms by your sides. Hold your weights in both hands with palms forwards. Next, raise your arms out to the sides and above your head in a full circle. Then, when your hands are above your head, slowly lower them back down.

Core Strength

Do you feel like you’re doing a million crunches and sit-ups? Then, try these fun core strength exercises to refresh and build some power.

Standard Bicycle

Lie on the floor, raise your legs to a 90-degree angle. Place your hands by your temples. Then, twist and crunch as you alternate sides.

You are aiming for your elbow to touch the opposite knee. Once you’ve done it, try the upgraded straight-legged version.

Straight-Legged Bicycle

This version increases tension and engages lower abs. Again, try not to arch your back. The secret to this exercise is to think of the movement as one.

Move your legs, crunch, and twist simultaneously in a fluid motion. While strength training, feel free to wear wrist and ankle weights.

Side Rainbow Pendulum

Yes, the name is pretty, but gosh, they are a killer. First, get yourself into a solid elbow side plank. Next, lift your upper leg, and move it behind you. Bring it up and over your body in the shape of a rainbow. 

The arc will finish at 90-degrees straight out in front of you. Don’t let that foot drop to the floor! Now, arc back to the original position. You can also wear ankle weights and hold a dumbbell in your free hand.

Legs and Bum Strength

The muscles in your legs and buttocks are the biggest in your body. One of the most popular exercises to hit them is squats. You can do bodyweight squats and then add weights as you progress.

Standard Squat 

Start by standing with legs shoulder-distance apart. Place your feet at a 30-degree angle. Imagine you are about to collapse into your favorite chair. Now, push your hips back and lower to sit.

Keep your chest open and your weight in your heels. You should be able to wiggle your toes. To stand up, push down through the heel.

Squats are a classic example of functional training; they will help you with your daily activities.

Barbell Squat

Pick up the barbell in an overhand grip. Position it behind your head on your upper back. Make sure to avoid the neck. Gently lower into a squat position and rise.

If you add weights, make sure that this motion is smooth and relaxed. Barbell strength training will also work the back muscles.

Full Body Strength Endurance

Okay, we promised one epic strength burnout. So here it is—the burpee. You either love burpees, or you hate them. We absolutely love them.

Try teaming a variation burpee with one of the complementary weight lifting exercises. How about push-up burpees with diamond push-ups? Or lunge burpees and around the worlds?

Strength Training Exercises Is You Against You

Did you do them? How do you feel? Hopefully, you can include these strength training exercises into your routine. You can rotate these them every four weeks for ultimate strength gains.

Strength is vital to keep us fit. But, we also need to improve our cardiovascular endurance. We’ve got the best team to help you find your ideal workout schedule.

So join us today, and let’s work out together. 


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