Cardio Training

Never wait to workout on our great selection of cardio training equipment, complete with a giant video wall for entertainment while you exercise!

Ready for Results?
Try Cardio Training at Our Clermont Gym!

Cardio training can be tough for some people, especially those who find repetitive walking on a treadmill to be boring. The video wall at our brand new gym in Clermont may change your mind, though, as you have a chance to catch up on your favorite movies while you work out!

The amazing video wall consists of nine 55-inch televisions tethered together to make one giant television wall, and the high-quality audio goes straight to your smartphone or through one of the receivers on our cardio equipment. It’s an incredible experience that makes cardio fun!

Plus, our large selection of cardio equipment gives you the freedom to choose what you’d like to do, including walking on a treadmill or biking those calories off. Come check out our cardio section today and see why our video wall has people rushing to our new Clermont gym.

Mix up your aerobics and try a group exercise class too! Whether you work out on your own or join a group class, cardio training in Clermont is best at Fitness CF!

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