Pilates at Clermont Gym

For an intense but focused workout that's easy on joints, try Pilates. You'll strengthen your core, improve balance and posture, and find your center in Pilates group classes at our gym in Clermont.

Pilates Group Classes at Fitness CF

We strive to be the best gym in Clermont, and that’s why we offer as many workout options as possible. In addition to yoga, we also offer Pilates to our members. One of the main differences between yoga and Pilates is that yoga is often used to increase flexibility, whereas Pilates is designed to relax the muscles more. Pilates is the ideal workout for tense muscles and sore areas, as this kind of workout helps strengthen the body.

Stop by our new Clermont health club, located off Highway 27, and learn about yoga, Pilates, and the other amazing group fitness classes we offer!