Functional Training and Turf Area
at Clermont Gym

Power up your core muscles for everyday fitness with functional training at our health club in Clermont. Utilizing TRX (total body resistance exercise) , ropes, kettlebells, and more, you'll train your muscles and joints to function as a dynamic unit of strength!

Power Up for Everyday Fitness at Clermont Gym

If you are looking for a new and exciting way of working out, we have a large turf area for functional training.

We have dedicated a 2,300 square-foot area for our functional training, giving you the opportunity to work out with some unique equipment on a turf foundation. If you are growing tired of traditional cardio equipment and free weights, this could be the perfect workout solution for you.

Stop by our gym in Clermont, located off Highway 27, to see why our members call us the best health club in Clermont!