Testimonial from Melissa Hernandez

February 20, 2020
Melissa Hernandez

Good Morning,

First off I have to say I had always been intimidated by people who go to the gym so I would always avoid going.  When I finally built up the courage to go I ended up joining a gym near my office in Orlando and felt so out of place.  I never knew what equipment I needed to use in order to tackle my focus areas on my body and anytime I would ask an employee I felt as though I was bothering them.  After about a month I decided the gym wasn’t for me so I stopped going.  After a while and using the excuse of “there’s no gym near my home” Fitness CF opened up not even 5 minutes from home.  I was still intimidated but I began to feel a little unhappy with my body and my overall health.  The minute I walked into the gym i felt so welcomed.  All employees welcomed me in and answered any questions I had regarding membership, training, and equipment use. Not to mention the cleanliness of the entire facility! A few days after my initial visit I decided to join and work with a trainer named Karina in order to learn about what I needed to do to get the body I wanted.  Karina helped me become more comfortable in going to the gym.  She said we are all ultimately there to achieve the same goal in wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  After several sessions with Karina, I feel so much better about my overall health.  She’s got to be one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She is so dedicated to getting me to live a healthier lifestyle not only with exercise but she also informs me on what foods would be a better substitute for all the junk food I liked to eat!  She is amazing and I’m so glad she is my trainer!


For everyone at Fitness CF – Keep up the great work!



Melissa Hernandez


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