Functional Training

Get fit to the core with functional training at Fitness CF that will strengthen your core and prime your body for everyday activities.


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Functional Training at Orlando Gym for Everyday Fitness

Functional training at Fitness CF is a workout that strengthens your core and primes your muscles for daily activities – the bending, lifting, squatting and tugging that happens every day.

At our gym in Orlando located in Dr. Phillips, functional training utilizes TRX (or Total Body Resistance Exercise), a suspension system with straps that are attached to a stationary point. Your own body weight serves as resistance as you work to train your muscles and joints to work together as a strong, effective unit.

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Hours of Operation

Sunday                5AM – 9PM
Monday              4:30AM – 12AM
Tuesday             12AM – 12AM
Wednesday      12AM – 12AM
Thursday           12AM – 12AM
Friday                 12AM – 11PM
Saturday            5AM – 09AM

Kids Club Hours

Monday – Friday
8AM – 12PM
4PM – 8PM
8AM – 12PM


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