Lose Weight with Help from Fitness CF Orlando

Weight Loss Solutions in Orlando

Weight loss is not always easy, especially when you’re going it alone. Fitness CF is designed to help you get moving and stay moving, with support and encouragement from a team who wants you to succeed. Our gym in Orlando located in Dr. Phillips has the services and amenities you need to drop those pounds, improve your health, and just feel better.

Start your weight loss journey with a personal trainer – a qualified team member who will assess your level of fitness, determine the type of exercise you enjoy, and help you design a workout routine that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable.  personal training at our Orlando gym means results.

You can workout at your own pace on our cardio training equipment – or in the Cardio Cinema, a darkened theater that shows feature films while you exercise. Or try a group fitness class like Zumba or Pilates. If you’d prefer a smaller setting, small group training is available, too, with class size limited to no more than 6.

There is also a women’s only gym, located through the ladies locker room, a private area away from the co-ed member area.

At Fitness CF in Orlando, we pride ourselves in offering the friendliest, most supportive, and non-judgmental team around. If you’re reading this, then you’ve taken the first step on your weight loss journey. Congratulations!

Stop by our health club. Take a tour and see what we have to offer. Besides great equipment and amazing staff, you’ll find amenities like HydroMassage, the Amazon Café, and onsite childcare.

Better yet, take charge of your health and try us out with a free pass. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

*Disclaimer: Fitness CF Gym does not guarantee results, which can vary from individual to individual.

Hours of Operation

4:30AM – 12:00AM

Tuesday – Friday
12:00AM – 12:00AM

Saturday & Sunday
5:00AM – 9:00PM

Kids Club Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 08:00PM