Are You A Victim Of Self-Sabotage?

By: JohnLoDrago, Senior Fitness Trainer at Fitness CF Clermont

In all my years of working in the health and fitness industry, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide array of individuals. From very small children to the elderly, conditioned athletes to The disabled and handicapped on a boatload of medications. But one thing always stands true, no matter how much tools and knowledge I can help with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, It all comes down to The will and desire you have to get to where you want to be. Unfortunately, sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and sometimes don’t see that we ourselves and the mindset we are in can keep us from achieving our goals. 

You may be a victim of self-sabotage if:


  • Your goals tend to be just out of reach


  • You are settling for less than you really want


  • You find yourself road-blocked on the way to your dreams

Use the 5 signs of self-sabotage and the following proactive tips to move past your sticking point and begin to create the life you desire.



What are you focusing on? Self-sabotaging behavior begins with a focus on what is not working or missing in your life. Pay attention to how often you speak and think about what is wrong, this includes what is not working, not right, or missing. This will only attract more of the things you don’t want.


Ask yourself what is good in my life right now? Begin to notice all the things that are working, no matter how small. You will begin to attract more of what is wanted into your life.

Where your focus goes so does your life!



Are you spending your time worrying about the future? Do you stress about what is going to happen or might happen? This is another sign of self-sabotage.


Focus on the here and now. If something is bothering you, then focus on a solution. Visualize how you would like it to turn out then take action toward making it happen. Take as much action as you can in this moment, then let it go. When the timing is right continue taking further action and then let it go again.

There is nothing more you can do to help by worrying. Instead, use tip number 1 and put your focus to work.

Your point of power is in the present!


3. Comparing Yourself to Others

Do you find that you constantly compare yourself to others and then feel bad? Comparing yourself to others usually doesn’t motivate, but rather it makes you feel overwhelmed or not good enough. This is a sign of self-sabotage.


To overcome self-sabotage- focus on you! Write out 5 accomplishments you are proud of. List 5 qualities you love about yourself. Find 10 adjectives to describe how great you are.

You are your greatest asset!


4. Worthless

Do you ever feel worthless, unworthy, or not good enough? Do you look at yourself and make excuses for why you can’t be, do, or have what you want? Seeing yourself as unworthy will keep your desires at bay.

Get in touch with your inherent self-worth. The wisdom of the universe considers you so worthy that it gave you existence. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be here. Learn to be your own greatest fan and supporter.

If you don’t value yourself, other people won’t do it for you.


Begin to value yourself and feel your self-worth by becoming your own greatest fan and supporter. Every time you accomplish something, give yourself a pat on the back. Seriously, say- great job, I am very proud of myself. It doesn’t have to be a big accomplishment, it could be getting your car washed, everything you do is valuable, begin to learn to appreciate yourself.


Here’s another:

Use affirmations. If you don’t believe in them, consider changing that belief and then put them to work for you. Look at yourself in the mirror; take a minute to really look. Then make eye contact and tell yourself:

I believe in myself,

I am inherently valuable and worth,

The universe applauds my life.

Repeat 5 times.


5. Living in the Past

Getting caught focusing on the past is a sign of self sabotage. It doesn’t matter if you spend your time dwelling on past failures or past accomplishments. Use the past to grow and move forward.



If there is a failure you are dwelling upon, stop. Every success has been preceded by a mountain of failures. That is how we grow, learn, and improve ourselves. Change your thinking about what it means to fail. Instead of taking it as a shot to your self-esteem, consider it part of your learning process. Every great person whether from sports, arts, science, or business knows what it’s like to fail. They also know what it’s like to brush themselves off and get back at it.


If you are dwelling on a past accomplishment and it is getting in the way, follow the same advice. Learn what you can from the accomplishment, feel good about it and then move on. Don’t identify yourself with the accomplishment. You are much greater than that.


As you let go of your past, you free yourself to fully live in the present. And the present is your point of power.


If you find yourself suffering from any of the 5 signs of self sabotage use the tips above to make the necessary changes to start living the life of your dreams.

My name is John LoDrago and I have been a certified personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach for over 25 years. I hold many certifications and have created a number of team training group programs, such as Little Champs Core Camp summer program. I was the owner and operator of a nutrition and retail café called Re-Fuel, “Nutrition that Drives You” for over 10 years, and have competed as a natural bodybuilder, winning the 2001 NYS Masters overall championship. I write customized menu plans for sports performance athletes, and stage competitors, and was a regular guest speaker on the radio talk show Forever Healthy in Syracuse, New York. A little over seven years ago my family and I made the move to Clermont, Florida where I started working for Fitness CF, formerly Gold’s Gym. While in Florida I have been involved in helping build a team of trainers at the Mount Dora location and have had the pleasure of working with some of the most knowledgeable and amazing people in the industry. My goal in life is to pass on the knowledge I have learned to those who seek a healthier way of living and to always remember that life will take on purpose only when you bring purpose to others.


I am currently The Senior trainer at Fitness CF of Clermont FL. And hold certifications by the National Sports Conditioning Association, N.S.C.A. C.P.T., CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, PN Lv.1 Nutrition Coach, Neurokinetic Therapy, A.F.A.A. P.T./ Fitness Counselor and Resistance Trainer, APEX Nutrition Certified, Power Plate Lv.1, and Golf Academy, PiYo, Silver Sneakers M.S.R.O.M. Less Mills Grit Coach, Total Gym Gravity Coach.


If you have a question and/or topic you would like me to discuss please e-mail me at [email protected]

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